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SerialPort Communication Using nrComm
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I downloaded the trial version of nrComm Lib, to be used with a modem device through serial port(Com1). I am usin Boralnd 6 c++. I did setup nrComm1 properties with exact match setting
of the modem(Buad Rate, Flow control, etc) .

I ran to an issue, when receiving data through nrComm component. I activate it nrcomm by nrComm1->Active = true, then wait for a call to the modem . When a call comes in, "Ring" message get displayed on serial port monitor (third part software-monitor com1 and nrComm).
I answer the call by sending an answer command to the modem using nrComm1->sendString().Then i see  the connection is established
"Connect 19200". For some reason after that i cant receive any Data through nrcom1 even though i have the nrComm1AfterReceive event
function to handle any incoming buffer or data, but it seems even this function never get called or initiated after the connection
I tried running the exact scenario using a hyper terminal it seems to respond very well.After the connecting i recieve the expected data.

Any Help, 

Roman Novgorodov

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Re: Not receiving data through nrComm component, after connecting
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2008, 05:12:02 am »

Thank you for your interest to our product.

I recommend you check following:
1) Set correct value for StreamProtocol property. Usual it is
spHardware value.
2) TraceStates property has tsRxChar value. In this case
OnAfterReceive event will be raised after new incoming bytes.

Also you can try to look Demos\Codes\codes_demo.bpr project. It shows all
incoming bytes.

If all this does not help, please create simple demo project that
demonstrates problem and send to me its sources. Maybe I will find
what is wrong.

Good luck!

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