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Sending a Long String

Started by Hamed Jim, January 28, 2015, 05:33:16 pm

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Hamed Jim

Hi there,
I'm going to send a long string every 20ms. I wanna send 158 characters between '*' and '#'.
1. Is there any special configuration for nrcomm1 ?
2. Is it necessary  to send #13#10 as end of packet?
3. What happens when Com port socket unplug during sending data?

Thanks all of you, specially Roman   :)

Hamed Jim

Hey Guys!

I tried to send a 160 characters as I said before. It was not successful. I used less characters and finally it was successful at 80 character. What is the problem?
This is my command to send String:
  nrComm1.SendString( '*'+ListBoxCode.Items[LineNumber] + '#' + EndOfPacket );


Hi, what is the baudrate ? It must be higher then 56k because otherwise you run out of time...