Author Topic: USSD command for Huawei, ZTE, WaveCom  (Read 1020 times)


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USSD command for Huawei, ZTE, WaveCom
« on: April 19, 2015, 06:19:14 pm »
I use nrCommLib 9.41 standard version, making bulk sms sending application.

I tried USSD Function and the result is follows

ZTE Modem MF190
  nrComm.onAfterReceive : Replied by Hex
  onUSSD  : Replied nice by String
  onSmsReceived : No Reply

WaveCom Serial Modem M1206B
  nrComm.onAfterReceive : Replied by String
  onUSSD  : Empty String
  onSmsReceived : No Reply

Huawei Modem E173
  at+cusd=1,"2a383823",15<cr> - have to send hex string, if sending string, error occured
  nrComm.onAfterReceive : Replied "OK" only
  onUSSD  : No Reply
  onSmsReceived : No Reply

I guess that once replied from modem by AT command onUSSD event occured and convert the reply from hex to string.
in case of WaveCom modem, the reply is the string.. if the hex reply can be converted to string.. if the string reply can not be converted, thus onUSSD reply become Empty string.

I am not sure whether my guess is correct or not.. I just guess

I use a lot of  modems mostly Huawei  E173
with huawei modem I can not  get any reply from at command

Please advise me how to get USSD reply from Huawei.

Attached logfile

Thanks / Heo