ASTM message received in nrCommLib terminal but i want these message into file

Started by umair_khan, December 04, 2015, 05:27:53 am

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Hello Friends
Actually I am receiving the ASTM message via port using nrCommLib demo version but the problem is i want these patient records to be standard output in our hardrive of computer. These results are shown in nrCommLIb Terminal. if I purchased nrCommLib ,will i get the output result of machine in my hardrive as file?

Now the problem is just to dump the complete ASTM messages (from the Analyser to host) in a single file , 'automatically' i.e without user intervention. From that file we can extract out necessary information.

I have posted a question regarding this in SatckExchange, but nobody has answered yet. The key points are:

1) Setting the serial port parameters i.e baud rate,parity,stopbits etc.
2) Wait for the data to come, receive it and dump it in a file in real time.