Author Topic: 3+1 Great Mistakes of Borland  (Read 6757 times)

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3+1 Great Mistakes of Borland
« on: October 16, 2008, 05:08:32 pm »
3+1 Great Mistakes of Borland

1) Greed. (or speed ?) It’s wrong way to release a new Delphi version every year. They could spend more time for expand the standard Delphi VCL set and increase other useful features of Delphi. But they decided to make Delphi every year.
2) Stop development the Kylix product. Borland had a real chance to be a leader of development tools for Linux.
3) Laziness. Borland can develop original VCL version for Linux/Kylix. They did it for Win32 10 years ago! And it was great deal! Why they did not make VCL for Linux? They wrote CLX that was based on dirty QT library. The QT 7 years ago was dead way.
4) Stop TASM elaboration. Why assembler? Because I loved it.

I hope guys CodeGear/Embarcodero will do all real better.

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