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Problems with HID Plugin and Winamp

Started by osi22, October 11, 2009, 03:19:40 pm

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Dear Deepsoftware support!

I've downloaded your software for my Philips MC-M570 USB audio micro system, but experienced problems with it. I'm currently using Windows 7 RC and winamp 5.56. After installed the plugin, I can assign my Philips device with the UACB3553B chipset. But unfortunately after I click on OK, the last Item I assigned, will be performed endlessly without pressing any buttons on my device. That means for example that after assigning the next button, it will forward endlessly to the next audio title. The only chance to end this, is to restart winamp and delete all the assigned buttons. After all this means, I'm unable to use this tool. Unfortunately under windows media player 12 my device produce the same errors with this plugin. Without it, the mediaplayer works just fine. Is there any chance to get to work this plugin with my device?

Thanks for all help!

Roman Novgorodov


Did you try to use your device without HID Plugin?
Does winamp react on your remote control clicks without HID Plugin?
Possible some device actions are handled by windows correctly and if you assign them to HIDPlugin you get troubles.
You need use only free (unhandled by system) actions with HIDPlugin .

Also possible your HID device has different type of incoming data stream.
Please read this and send to me log file:


Roman Novgorodov
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My device is only working with mediaplayer, winamp will not recognize the buttons with standard settings and without your plugin.
Unfortunately I cannot find an option to start a log file (no nrhid.log to found on my hdd), so the only thing I could look for, was the hid demo version to download. After unzipped and started this, I get in the events log window always this : HID report is recieved: 3 bytes 00 80 49
After I press on my phlips a button it goes for a second to 00 00 01 and 00 00 00 and then back again to endless 00 80 49
The starnge is that the 00 80 49 won't stop, maybe that's why in winamp it goes endlessly with the buttons...

Maybe this info will help you.

Thanks for your support!


I confirm the problem.

I have a server with UTF8 encoding. If I use winscp with "Server does not use UTF8" off then everything works fine. But in the FAR plugin the names are shown incorrectly.

This is really related to ANSI vs OEM.


The theme is interesting, I will take part in discussion. Together we can come to a right answer. I am assured.


I can reproduce this same problem under Ubuntu Intepid Ibex 32-bit... any clues or diagnostics I can attempt?


i was looking through the plugin data folders and i found the winamp vis one and in it is left and rigt channel vu data static ids...

i tested em out and left stays around 100 and right goes any where from 40 to 90 regardless of the output volume on the channel

i also set winamp to go 100 left and then 100 right and nothing changed... so what to these ids actually return?