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Running the hiddemo of nrcomm_pro932trial with C++ Builder 2010

Started by benpac, March 07, 2013, 12:49:03 pm

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I have some problems with the current HID demo project.

Here are the steps I made:

Installation of nrcomm_pro932trial ran fine.

Open hiddemo.bpr (date 03.09.2008) in C++ Builder 2010
Upgrade of project to new project file hiddemo.cbproj
Error compiling
   added nrComm Lib\Delphi13 to include path
#include <Vcl.Samples.Spin.hpp> not found
   changed to #include <Spin.hpp>
file nrclasses.obj not found
   -> added nrComm Lib\Delphi13 to library path
         but even then still missing

Save all, close C++2010 and load hiddemo.cbproj again       
   class TSpinEdit not found -> ignore
   Form1.eID component missing -> comment all 3 lines with it
      seems to have no effect when not using the buttons
   [ILINK32 Fehler] Error: File 'NRDIX64STUB.RES' can not be opened
      add NRDIX64STUB.RES to project
successful compilation !!!

Program starts, but no HID device is found.

The same happens in my own test program with the HID component.
nrHid1->DeviceCount returns 0.

When starting  hiddemo_32 ( version 9.28 2012-02-04 )
   all HID devices are found

I am thankful for any hint.

Roman Novgorodov


Please try latest release of nrComm Lib.

Roman Novgorodov
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