Author Topic: TnrSocket - BCB6, BCB2007, BCB2009  (Read 1267 times)


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TnrSocket - BCB6, BCB2007, BCB2009
« on: September 13, 2012, 10:35:02 am »
I am trying to evaluate the TnrSocket. I want to renew immediately my subscription in order to
benefit from this component...

But i face the following issues (with demo ver):

1. I cannot compile the projects that include this component in BCB6,BCB2007,BCB2009 forms.
( [C++ Error] nrwinsock2.hpp(27): E2303 Type name expected
  [C++ Error] nrwinsock2.hpp(28): E2303 Type name expected
  [C++ Error] nrwinsock2.hpp(29): E2147 'PAddrInfo' cannot start a parameter declaration
  [C++ Error] nrwinsock2.hpp(30): E2147 'PAddrInfoW' cannot start a parameter declaration
  [C++ Error] nrsocket.hpp(53): E2303 Type name expected
  [C++ Error] nrsocket.hpp(53): E2139 Declaration missing ;
So, i would like to ask for your confirmation about the compatibility continuation on C++Builder compilers...

2. I don't see how i can bind to a specific OS IP  address in server or client mode.
I mean the cases where a network adapter has multiple IP addresses...
This is the most important feature for my situation. (been a standard feature to all other socket components)

3. I cannot see how i can get -in server mode- the IP addresses of the connected clients...

If the above features are available, it could be useful to include them to the demos...

Thank you for your attention...