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Starting a USB driver
« on: June 03, 2014, 04:38:05 pm »
Sorry, new in this components.  :-[

I read a lot around all the forum, and try the diferent demos in code, but still not sure im in the righ direction.
No more documentation with more explanation or examples?   ???

I got a NFC reader  :o, i need to develop a "driver" (o something) to connect and dialog with it.
I have the whole colection of commands, the real problem is to create the way to talk/listen.  :-X

I undestand I must CREATE a Driver to use? I can do without this step? well, i assume it's not posible, no one example. Ok?  ???
Then when I create the driver, i connect with the device and I talk and listen across the nrUSBPipePair? is this the way? ???
Can i write with SendString in the pipe? to send every one command?
and read attending at AfterReceive method? ???

I wan't get wrong from first step...  ;D
Hope i got the main idea to start my work.  ;)

Tks someone to agree this "planning" or some aditional recomendation (or code)
 :) :) :)