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Receive the same report many times

Started by macio, March 30, 2016, 12:35:38 pm

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I have set:
On SMS receive: Read and Show
Confirm: Checked
Driver: Wavecom Modem
I sent a few smses.

I keep getting the same report saved to SR memory every time a sms is sent. The report concerns a sms sent 5 hours ago and not currently sent smses.  Something got stuck as if sms centre didn't now the report was already received and kept sending it.

+CMGL: 1,1,,25
+CMGL: 2,1,,25
+CMGL: 3,1,,25
+CMGL: 4,1,,25


What is wrong?

After I'd changed from 'Read and Show' to 'Skip Store and Show' I immediately got all missing reports from the last five hours.

Roman Novgorodov


TnrGsm does not store the SMS in device memory.
It selects mode of SMS receiving only.

You can try to use other model of gsm device and see result.

Roman Novgorodov
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