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Barcode reader like keyboard ...
« on: January 05, 2009, 05:45:12 pm »
Ayhan wrote:

 I just tryed your component nrComm, but I could not find any solution for barcode reader that behaves like keybord, that does not provide the data from a COM. I know that such these devices write recived data on any focused wincontrols. But I need a solution for my project such these devices, because I do not want focusing on some edit and then read data from barcode reader. I want to write some codes thats works behind the application and grap the data and do something needed.
So do you have a solution for this type problems or do you know some components that make it for me ?

The nrComm Lib has the TnrBarCodeScan component. But is works with scanner over serial port only.

If you want to get barcodes without place visible control I recommend you to handle OnKeyPress or OnKeyDown events on main form (TForm class) or handle the WM_CHAR message directly in application.

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